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Give It Up? [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 3/12/19

OK, what’s something that would be hard to give up, but not too hard?

That’s what goes through my head every year when Ash Wednesday comes around and it’s time to renew that distinctly Catholic tradition: Giving up something for Lent. In other words, I’ll take a little ... Read More »

The Broad View [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 3/12/19

“To thy own self be true.”

It’s a lovely saying, isn’t it? But sometimes I struggle with living it because I think, in many ways, I really don’t know myself all that well.

I would venture to assert that I’m not alone in this predicament.

... Read More »

Are You Ready For Lent?

Posted by Kathy Kingsley on 3/11/19

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