Parish Ministries


Catechist (Pre-K to 10th Grade):

A catechist should be a fully initiated Catholic and a faithful member of the Catholic Church. Catechists have a basic understanding of Church teaching, are able to communicate well with children and youth, are willing to learn, and are able to follow a lesson plan.

 Enhancing the skills of a Catechist

Training opportunities are offered throughout the year.  The Coordinator of Faith Formation will meet periodically with new catechists to ensure that they are comfortable in the  classroom setting.

What is a Catechists’ Time Commitment?

Faith Formation classes for children in Grades Pre K-10 are held on Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. in the Holy Trinity Parish Center. 

There are up to 25 classes during the school year, from September through April.

Catechetical Aide: Catechetical aides assist in the classroom by:

  • Distributing supplies and taking attendance.
  • Helping individual students who are struggling with an assignment to stay focused.
  • Collecting supplies at the end of class and returning them to storage.
  • Helping younger children with coats and items to take home.
  • Escorting younger children to the restrooms, and to waiting areas at dismissal.
  • Photocopying lesson materials as needed.

Our catechetical aides set an example for the younger children of our parish. 

As the year progresses, if they are interested, arrangements can be made with the catechist for the aide to plan and teach a portion of the weekly lesson.

Gatekeeper: Gatekeepers help to monitor traffic in the halls, take attendance, ensure exterior doors are locked during class time, monitor visitor traffic at the Parish Center, and assist the Coordinator as needed.

Evangelization Committee: Our Evangelization Team is committed to answering the call to evangelize, which is present in each of us from the time we are baptized  We promote and sponsor programs throughout the year which are designed to reach out to all: to those who have been away from the Church, those who would like to know more about the Catholic faith, and those who seek a deeper involvement in our parish community. We offer social, religious and Adult Faith Formation programs to provide everyone within our parish community and the community at large an opportunity to hear and share the good news.  The Committee meets monthly, and continually strives to promote our motto: “All are welcome in this place.”

R.C.I.A. Team Member: How does one become a Team Member? You must be:

  • An active member of the parish.
  • Willing to share your life experiences and your own faith journey.
  • Ready to offer support when needed.
  • Able to treat others with respect, honesty and integrity.
  • Trustworthy


Prayer and Worship Planning Team: This committee meets monthly, with the goal of creating an environment that enhances prayer for the Parish through ritual, décor, and music.  Sunday and Holy day Liturgies are planned, as well as various prayer services. Members learn much about the Liturgy, enhancing their own understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Church.

Church Decorating: The décor in church enhances the Liturgical  celebrations that take place throughout the year. The use of plants, flowers, images and other visuals all call our attention to the source and summit of our Faith: the Eucharist. The goal is to illumine, inspire and instruct those who worship. This is done by inviting people into the liturgy with décor that is simple, transparent and uncluttered. Church décor is not simply decorating. It calls for an understanding of the Liturgical themes at various times of the year, and the work of many hands to create an environment that draws people to the wondrous mystery of God’s presence in our midst.                                                                                 

Altar Servers at Liturgy: Altar servers provide a vital service as we gather to celebrate the Eucharist.  They carry the cross and candles at the beginning of Liturgy, leading the ministers and, symbolically, all of us to the Lord’s Table. They assist the presider and deacons in receiving and preparing the gifts of bread and wine used in our celebration. They assist in a well-ordered celebration as the community gathers at the Eucharistic Table. They lead the closing procession, bringing all of us from the Lord’s Table out into the world to live what we have celebrated in Word and Sacrament.

This ministry is open to everyone third grade and older who have received their First Holy Communion.  Children and youth are invited and encouraged to participate in this ministry. 

Eucharistic Minister: As a Eucharistic Minister you serve your parish community during Liturgy to bring the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ to your brothers and sisters; you accept the responsibility of being an example of Christian living in faith and conduct. You are one who serves God’s holy people. Remember that we are all one body, because we share the one bread and one cup. Eucharistic Ministers are generally assigned on a four to five week rotation.  

Usher/Greeter: A minister of Hospitality / Usher greets people arriving for participation at weekend Masses, and helps them feel welcome as we gather to worship. A minister may also assist people with special needs; invite attendees to present the offertory gifts; take up the collection; distribute bulletins at the end of Mass; and generally help to maintain order in the church throughout the Liturgy.

Lector: A lector proclaims the scriptures at the weekend liturgies. The lector should be well prepared by studying the scriptures for the particular Sunday and by practicing the readings beforehand.  Materials are made available to the lectors for this purpose.  The person who is performing this ministry should be able to speak clearly and distinctly and should be comfortable speaking from the lectern.

Adult Choir: The adult choir is a vital part of the Parish Music Ministry. All are welcome to join, from high school age and over, who like to sing.  This ministry’s main commitment is to the Sunday 10:30 a.m. liturgy. 

Rosary Leader: A Rosary Leader takes turns with other volunteers on a rotating basis at the weekend liturgy of their choosing, and ideally is there in time to begin the rosary 30 minutes before Mass begins.  A book of all the prayers and each set of Mysteries is available to guide the leader.


Bereavement MinistryPresently, the Bereavement Ministry consists of meeting with families of the deceased to plan the funeral liturgy, and to inform and assist them in the liturgical aspects of the celebration of the Mass of Christian Death and Burial. With sufficient volunteer personnel and proper training of its members, the ministry has great potential to offer much more to grieving families.

Very often a family requests that we provide lectors and /or Eucharistic Ministers for the funeral liturgy. At present there are only a few members who serve in these roles. There is also a need for altar servers to assist the celebrant, as well as greeters to welcome newcomers to the church. Generally, there are not a great number of funerals, so the person who may volunteer would not be called on too often.  Training and instruction will be provided for anyone interested in joining this ministry.

Funeral Choir: The Funeral Choir is called whenever there is to be a funeral. We sing the mass parts and hymns selected by the family of the deceased.  Usually there is about a two day notice when there is to be a funeral.  Anyone who likes to sing and is available on weekday or Saturday mornings is welcome to join us.

Post Bereavement Ministry: The Post Bereavement Ministry consists of calling or corresponding with the family of the deceased about three times during the year following the funeral. We do this as a way to continue to offer our prayers and consolation, and to asses the need for further assistance and spiritual support.


Eddy Village Green: The  Eddy Village Green Ministry is a concrete way of following the Gospel call to “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” Teams of ministers “adopt” a house at the Eddy, and bring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to the residents and caregivers at that house. Usually this requires a commitment of 15 minutes immediately after Mass on Sunday. Other activities are optional and include: weekly Communion Services, praying the Rosary with residents, Christmas Caroling during the Holidays, or simply forming friendships with the residents. Training and support is provided.

This Ministry also aims to assist the elderly by sponsoring workshops on safety and legal issues; by discerning pastoral needs of our homebound parishioners; and by encouraging parishioners to keep in touch with the elderly through cards and notes throughout the year

Knitting/Crocheting Group: This team plans special gifts for our homebound for Christmas and Easter. When plans are made, patterns are placed on the bulletin boards in the church and the Parish Center, and members of the parish then create these items. The members also either knit or crochet baby blankets for our newly Baptized.  All the items are very much appreciated.                

Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound brings a part of the community with you by sharing the Word of God and the Eucharist with them. You are making them feel a part of the parish community, visiting with them and praying with them and by bringing them the bulletin or the newsletter for on-going information and news of the parish community, assuring them that they are still a part of us.

Food Pantry: The Food Pantry is located in the Parish Center.  With the help of volunteers and the generosity of parishioners, we are able to maintain stock on the shelves and help those in the City of Cohoes who are in need. During the year, there are food drives for different occasions, such as Easter and Christmas.  Boy Scouts conduct food collection efforts for donation to the Food Pantry. Other area churches, such as  St Michael’s Parish also collect food for donation to the Food Pantry.


Collection Counters: Join our team on Monday mornings at the Parish Center to assist with counting the weekly collection. No finance background is necessary.


Handyperson: If you are handy in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, etc., your knowledge and assistance with some of these skilled tasks is needed and welcome! 

Seasonal Grounds Maintenance: For most of the year the grounds are taken care of by staff.   The rest of the year we depend on volunteers to keep up the properties.

Snow Removal: Staff clean the sidewalks and all parking lots during the week. On weekends the lots are maintained by staff.  We also depend on volunteers to help with snow removal.  Volunteers are needed to help keep the approaches and entrances to the church and parish center free from ice and snow during the winter.


Garage Sale: Raising money isn’t the only goal of our annual garage sale. We come together to work, to share the experience of sorting donations, sprucing up the donations, creating attractive displays in the sale rooms and finally – on the big day, we sell! We hold a garage sale once a year, usually the first Friday and Saturday in June. It takes many volunteers to pull this sale together, from sorting, cleaning, pricing, set up and clean up. 

Parish Dinners: Two major dinners are hosted by the Parish each year, a Corned Beef / Ham and Cabbage Dinner in the Spring and the a Pork Dinner in the Fall. The help of many volunteers is needed to to set up and prepare and serve the meal. We also host Mardi Gras event, and occasionally Sunday breakfast and a spaghetti takeout dinner.

Parish Travel Ministry: Ministry members come together to plan outings that combine recreation and learning experiences while encouraging parish community interaction. We have gone to Ireland, taken a Caribbean Cruise, attended the NYC Radio City Christmas Show, visited the JFK Presidential Library, toured Boston on the famed Aqua Ducks, and sailed on the Lac du Ste. Sacrament for a dinner cruise. We are always looking for new ideas and new places to visit.  We meet for an hour a few times during the year to discuss and plan our trips.

Media Ministry:

Audio / Video Support - Volunteers are welcome to assist at parish community functions, Faith Formation events, committee meetings and other special events where the use of digital technology, e.g.    projector and screen, laptops and digital media is employed. Training is available, and no particular experience is required; only a bit of “tech savvy” or an interest in technology.

Live Streaming Mass - Volunteers are invited to join this new and growing ministry for the purpose of recording Masses, funerals and other special liturgies in the church. Training is provided in the use of equipment that is permanently installed for this purpose. Come join the growing cadre of volunteers in this important ministry. You may find this task to be enjoyable, especially knowing that it helps the homebound, the infirm or those at a distance to feel connected to their parish community through their virtual participation in the Mass.


Ladies of Ste. Anne: This organization has been in existence since 1899. The main function of the society is to work for the benefit of our parish.  The society hosts various functions, including First Holy Communion Reception and hospitality during the Octave of Christian Unity. 

Our members meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00 (noon) at the Parish Center.  At these meetings we discuss whatever new business we have or any activities that will be coming up and review the previous events.  At present we have between 16 to 20 active members.  Some of our members are 4th generation in the society. 

We are extending an open invitation to all who are interested in learning more about the society.  We are hopeful that you will consider joining our group to ensure carrying on the tradition of the Ladies of Ste. Anne in service to our parish community.

Boy Scouts: Troop 670 was chartered in 1947 by St Marie’s Parish (now Holy Trinity). We are one of the oldest continuously run Boy Scout Troops in Albany County, and the only Boy Scout Troop in Cohoes, NY.  We participate in many community projects, often behind the scenes, for both the Parish and the City of Cohoes.  A prime example is our annual Scouting for Food drive which takes place in November and is a major contributor to the Holy Trinity Food Pantry. 

The Troop is very active and participates in at least one weekend outdoor camping or hiking trip each  month.  We meet weekly on Tuesday nights from September through June at the Parish Center.

Boy Scouting is a year-round program for boys ages 11-17.  Boys who are 10 may join if they have received the Arrow of Light Award or have finished the fifth grade.  Boy Scouting is a program of fun outdoor activities, peer group leadership opportunities, and a personal exploration of career, hobby and special interests, all designed to achieve the Boy Scouts of America objectives of strengthening  character, personal fitness and good citizenship.

Scout Leaders: An adult leader can be male or female.  They must make a commitment to the ideals of scouting, have high moral standards, the ability to relate to boys and interact with other adults, have good planning skills and high energy level.  They must be able to make quick decisions.  A leader can be as young as 18, who would work with another adult over 21 years and older.