Parish News and Activities

If you plan on attending a Saturday or Sunday Mass, you MUST have a reservation. You can call the office at 518-237-2373 or email [email protected] with the number of people in your party; someone will contact you with the new procedures for attending Mass. The office is closed on Fridays so the last day for reservations is Thursday. Please do not just show up without a reservation. We don't want to turn people away but we are limited to the number of people allowed to attend.

Daily mass resumes on the regular schedule.  A maximum of 75 people are allowed, masks are required and everyone attending must sign in at the door.

PLEASE NOTE:           

  1. Parishioners at high risk due to age or pre-existing health conditions are still encouraged to remain home and  join the Mass on-line or TV only. 
  2. Anyone who feels at this time that it’s too much of a risk, are encouraged not to come to the Church grounds. 
  3. The Bishop dispenses all and anyone from their Sunday Mass obligation indefinitely, until we are back to “normal.”



WeShare is here! - People have been asking when they will be able to donate online.  The answer is now! We have started accepting online donations using WeShare. This week’s Evangelist has an article and while you can use their website to donate to Holy Trinity, we ask that you use ours.  If you do, we’ll receive the money immediately and not have to wait for the Diocese to send it. To get started, click the Online Giving button on the Home Page.