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Memorial Day and War [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/23/19

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Memorial Day, War, and Catholicism [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/22/19

Monday is Memorial Day, a federal holiday remembering and honoring those who died while serving in our Armed Forces. Among other admirable character traits, it’s clear that the cardinal virtue of fortitude is found in those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Fortitude enables one to conquer fear, even ... Read More »

Livin' on a Prayer [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/16/19

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Livin' on a Prayer [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/14/19

 Have you ever found it hard to pray? If so, I’ve shared your struggle. But perhaps the bigger problem is not difficulty praying, but not bothering with the enterprise to begin with. And what is prayer anyway? It can mean many things to many people. In a sense, ... Read More »

Remembering First Communion [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/09/19

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"Will My First Communion Change Me?" [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/09/19


My son Logan made his First Communion this past Sunday. Like the rest of the First Communicants, he was full of excitement and questions. Some were easy, like: "Did you remember your First Communion?" (Sure do). "Were you nervous?" (Yes). "How many Communions have you had since ... Read More »

Ready for Mother's Day? [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 5/03/19

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The Best Mother's Day Present [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 4/30/19

I've been trying to think of a good present to give to my Mother for Mother's Day.  I could give her a bouquet of flowers. Something tangible is always good. But I also thought about giving her the gift of time—just being present with her and talking with ... Read More »

Grappling with Mercy... [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 4/25/19

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Grappling with Mercy [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 4/24/19


Divine Mercy Sunday is this Sunday. Here are a few thoughts about how my understanding of mercy has changed over time.

In my childhood, I don’t remember hearing the word “mercy” often. Perhaps I first heard the word, outside of a church context, from a childhood game with ... Read More »