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Do You Really Have Love For Your Father? [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 2/18/20

When our eldest was just a baby, someone gave us a small canvas bucket chair for her to sit in. With the baby well-sunk into the chair, a parent could rest assured that he or she couldn’t get out of it. Our daughter’s name is Mary Sophia. Sophia means ... Read More »

Happy St. Valentine's Day! [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 2/13/20

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The Greatest Form of Love [A Reflection by a Friend of the Parish]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 2/11/20

Many people consider romantic love to be the best kind of love. Yet there is an even greater form of love—charity or agape—which is the love Jesus taught is the Greatest Commandment. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines this love as “the theological virtue by which we love ... Read More »

The Bishop's Coming Sunday [E-Newsletter]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 2/06/20

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What Are Indulgences? (And Why They Still Matter) [Parishioner Reflection]

Posted by Holy Trinity on 2/05/20


In this article I will try to explain what indulgences are and why an average Catholic would be interested in them. While the term is at least superficially familiar to many people due to the controversy surrounding them during the Protestant Reformation, I would guess few understand ... Read More »